A spectre is haunting the Internet. The spectre of Communism...

Many will ask, did the Internet really need another pirate bay mirror, and the answer is no.
Not without bringing something new to the table, and we did.
In the nature of Communism, we did away with the ads, pop-ups and other evil Capitalist ways of stealing excess time, bandwidth and cpu cycles from the proletariat.
Most problematic is that these Capitalist inventions steal something much more valuable than that.
They steal security.
They take the security of not having spyware or malware on the user's devices and their privacy invaded or files destroyed.
We have left one donation button for Paypal.
We felt if money had to be involved, it should be given freely and not taken.
We would pass on even these donations, but unfortunately server space and the revolution do not run on hopes and dreams while within a Capitalist hellscape.
Until our revolution redistributes the means of production, this is as free as we can become.
On top of this, while the pirate bay still has some good features, like their Top 100, its far from the best collection of seeders today.
So if you see something on the top 100 or recent torrents without a lot of seeders, you may try our search for a different mirror and better results.
Lastly, if you find yourself surfing a screen in the dark at night, the original pirate bay may feel like a spotlight to the face.
We purposely chose to have darker colors to be easier on the eyes.
Stand and share with us in definance as the revolution marches on.

We have nothing to loose but our chains!